Miscellaneous Application

Please use this application if you do not fit into any of the posted applications.

  • Retail operations
  • Dog Food
  • All others

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Primary Contact
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Mobile Phone
Fest Specifics
Number 10'x10' Spaces *
Electricity is not included. All Exhibitors must use a canopy - specifications will be forwarded. Each 10’x10’ space will have one 8’ table. You are required to bring everything else you need for your display. Early Bird Pricing will end July 31, 2018. Prices increase 15% August 1, 2018. Early Bird Pricing for businesses making less than 1 million annually is $250 per 10'x10' space. Early Bird Pricing for businesses making greater than 1 million dollars annually are $500 per 10'x10' space.
Please note: No generators are allowed. Electricity is an additional $100 per 500 Watts and must be paid at the time of registration. Will you require electricity?
Please note the number of years you have participated in PF3.
Sampling and selling of food items require the proper permit from the Philadelphia Health Department including an inspection the day of the Fest by the Department of Health. Do you plan to sample food at PF3?
Selling: In order to sell goods at Fest you will need a Commercial Activity License. All prices must be clearly marked, either on a master sign or on each sale item. Do you plan on selling at PF3?
Hand Washing
Please note: all participants selling/sampling food &/or beverages are required to bring a hand washing station consistent with the requirements of the Philadelphia Public Health Department: http://www.phila.gov/health/foodprotection/farmersmarkets.html.
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Business Address
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