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Philly Farm and Food Fest (PF3) has traditionally been one of the largest one-day local farm and food festivals in the U.S, with over 150 vendors and 4,000 attendees.  This year, 2018 PF3 has all the makings of getting bigger and better. Our move to the Navy Yard brings 8 full acres of space, which will serve as the perfect backdrop for an epic outdoor farmers market experience, and hosting this event in the fall allows us to put an additional spotlight on the region's growers and their incredible harvest.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What's the big deal with the Navy Yard?
    • It's the Navy Yard - it is a BIG DEAL!
    • We have 8 acres of outdoor space, triple the real estate! And we've got expansion plans.
    • Plenty of parking.
    • We're dropping the visitor admission fee to encourage purchases of your products.
  2. Who will expect to attend PF3?
    • Lovers of local food and beverage, families with kids, folks who want to connect with their food, the environmentally conscious, industry trendsetters looking for new products, and more.
  3. Any new plans for PF3 2018?
    • A dairy tent
    • A family area complete with a hay ride, maze, games, scavenger hunt, games, crafts and more
    • Fiber!!! We're giving a nod to locally produced animal and plant fibers, including a sheep to shawl contest!
    • Pumpkin carving
    • Healthy eating
    • BBQ Cook-off
    • Food Trucks
    • Oktoberfest Tent with Polkadelphia playing
    • Whiskey Holler Tent with live music (tbd)
    • Kitchen & Garden Craft
    • Concierge area to stow purchases
    • and more - stay tuned!
  4. Can I sell product at PF3?
    • YES! The biggest change to PF3 this year is the ability for every participating exhibitor to sell their product.
    • In order to sell goods at Fest you will need a Commercial Activity License. There is no charge for this license.
  5. Can I sample product(s)?
  6. Do I need anything specific to sell or sample food items?
  7. Can I sample / sell alcohol

    • The answer is a qualified yes: 

      • Commercial liability

      • Liquor libility

      • RAMP certified servers

      • If you are applying to sample or serve alcohol you will receive complete information from us once we have approved your application.

  8. Do you provide the tent canopies?

    • We do not provide canopies, but all exhibitors are required to have one.

    • All tents must be weighted with a 25 pound weight secured firmly to the base of each canopy leg.

    • NO staking of tents.

  9. Do you provide electricity?

    • Electricity is available at an additional cost as noted on the application

  10. Do you provide wifi?

    • Yes - there will be wifi onsite

  11. Do you provide hand washing?


    • Please see the recommended set-up here

    • The Health Department will check your water temperature. If your temperature is not up to temperature we will be able to assist you.

  12. Do you have ice?

    • No - we do not have ice. Please bring sufficient ice for the day.

  13. Do I need insurance

    • Of course! Robert's Group handles the logistics for PF3. They will be in contact with you regarding:

      • required insurance

      • fest location

      • arrival information

  14. Is there security

    • Yes - we will have security.

  15. Do you have a media kit for PF3?

    • You bet we do - once you are approved you will receive a media kit to promote the event.

    • We've also got Philly PR Girl geared up to promote the heck out of PF3.


We've categorized applications this year to make it easier to evaluate. You'll also find the applications are much shorter.

Selection Criteria

Once your application is submitted we'll evaluate it based on our selection criteria:

  1. Agricultural related, whether a farm or product made with locally sourced ingredients 
  2. For value added products we're looking for about 50% of the ingredients to be sourced locally
  3. What is "local" - about a 200 mile radius of Philadelphia
  4. Sustainability
  5. Non-profit organizations who share the Fair Food mission 
  6. National brands with like values are welcomed as sponsors. 

What do I need to participate?

  • Insurance: $1,000,000 Liability Policy - information will be forwarded to you for specific COI requests.
  • If sampling and selling food, a complete application from the Philadelphia Board of Health for the Philadelphia Health Department Special Event VENDOR Application.
  • To sell goods at Fest you will need a Commercial Activity License. There is no charge for this license.
  • Proper permitting/licenses/registrations for your product 
  • A canopy for your space

The Applications

Review the application carefully and be certain to read the small print for specific requirements.